Prologue: The Expulsion

Lane Drexel exits stage left

The Tabernacular Council Chamber of Held Aloft is always a little chilly. Lane drexel enters to find the chamber and it’s octagonal table empty save the Archmage’s seat, which is filled by the partially spectral form of the Archmage itself, Rosal Chenno. Neither fully human, or material after long years of arcane study, the Archmage doesn’t notice Lane upon his entry, or even when he clears his throat.

The Council chamber has a low ceiling of gray rock, built as it is into the base of the largest of the floating rocks that make up the temple of Karava, and the refugee quarters of The Tabernacle. Smokeless torches pulse in sconces around the room, and fire in the hearth roars merrily, but the chill and duskiness permeate. There is the smell of sulfur, of old sweat, of cinnamon, and something less categorical, the smell of nostalgia, or regret.

“Ah, Lane,” says the Archmage slowly, his face seeming to emerge from his partially spectral form, like a living shadow the blue of black powder smoke. He emerges from within himself, takes a more solid shape. “Excuse me, I was completing some correspondence. Please, sit,” he says and indicates a chair to his left.

Drexel sits as instructed by the most powerful wizard in Held Aloft.

“The Tabernacle is very selective about it’s apprentices, Lane,” he says, spectral, but still not fully engaged in the room. “You were taken on as a scribe?” Lane nods, and the Archmage lays a hand flat on the table, punctuates his next words by tapping his fingers gently on the dark walnut of the table top. "You weren’t brought on to apprentice with any of the Masters, or even to study with the journeymen. You were brought here to scribe, and instead, as Cardwill has reported to me, you have been reading forbidden tomes, and have helped yourself to several of our arcane traditions.

“We live on the edge of a knife here in Held Aloft – the monks are gracious hosts, but there are strict limits to what we can and cannot do. Your disobedience, your unwarranted ambition, they put our whole colony at risk. If we were to have to leave the temple complex, even after so long, we would not be welcomed on the ground. The Inquisitors would see to that. Our domain here in the air is as tenuous as a thread, and you have done what no one else has dared – to take a blade to that string and attempt to pluck a note from it.

“Does it sing, Lane? Does putting the Tabernacle at risk please you somehow? Answer me, scribe.”


(Responses here, please. OOC in parentheses.)

Prologue: The Expulsion

Lane takes a moment to respond; he had been reading of the Archmage’s younger exploits some time earlier from a tome. It’s state sadly somewhere between well-used and useless dust. even with his long life, it was hard to imagine someone having been around that long.

At last he spoke softly, unable to meet the Archmage’s eyes; "I earn no joy from it headmaster. In fact, I am worried. The tomes do indeed interest me. The art of your craft is nothing short of amazing and the wonders that lay therein is Important. It needs to be preserved, and I am fearful those tomes will not last forever.

Prologue: The Expulsion

“The tomes?” Archmage Chenno looks confused for a moment. He gazes around at the shelves lining the walls “You’ve been seen practicing our arts, Cardwill said he’d seen it with his own eyes.” The archmage fully materializes in the chair, exuding a terrible menace that was dimmed somewhat by being in several physical realities at once.

“You want to protect the tomes from time? You think these tomes are in danger? When you have made copies of these texts, scribe,” and he nearly spits the word, “did you make them on your own, without supervision? No.”

The archmage curls his fingers into a claw and a crackling shadow appears over his fingertips. "If you’re foolish enough to believe that, you’re too dangerous to stay here. If you’re a liar, doubly so. In either account, I can’t vaporize you without accounting for your absence to Temerin.

“Gather your things, fool. You leave now.”

Prologue: The Expulsion

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